CV Boot Clamp

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First of all what is the CV boot? Simply, it is the rubber part of the drive shaft assembly. This rubber piece is fastened to the shaft through a stainless steel clamp.  This is called CV boot clamp. BTW, C.V stands for constant velocity. How Changing Constant Velocity axles are difficult nowadays? In the past, it was a little more difficult to change the C.V axles, however today almost everything has become easier, thanks to the technology revolution. You can use C.V boot clamp at ease to fix any C.V boot problem.

CV Boot Clamp

It is just a matter of a little experience to be able to judge if you need to replace only the cv boot or you really have to replace the entire half shaft. Anyway, to replace the boot quickly and without a hitch, some automotive specialty tools are required. However some people are still prefer to use a flat head screwdriver and a pair of common needle nose pliers and to fasten the CV boot clamp instead of going to an automotive tool supplier. Here is how you can do the installation manually.

A pair of special Pliers is used to lock and fasten the CV boot clamp. As mentioned before, CV boot is made of rubber especially to do functions: to reserve the grease of the CV joints in place and to repel any contaminant from the gear.

Two metal clamps are used to keep the CV boot in place. As the CV takes the shape of taper, one small clamp is used at the thinner end while a larger clamp is used at the bigger end of the boot.

To fix the tag end of the clamp, we use raised nipples.  And to squeeze and tighten the locking tab to fasten the tag end of the clamp in position, CV boot clamp pliers are used.

The small and large clamps have a 1/4-inch wide channel each. This channel guarantees that the boot will not crimp when trying tightening the clamp around the boot. So, align the CV boot clamp pliers with the available channel.


  • Pick the pliers and hold it firmly. Just make sure that the serrated edge is not facing you. You can close the tool until you start installation.


  • Use the pliers on one clamp ring so that the serrated tips are close to the ring. The pliers have two handles, hold every handle with one hand and start opening the pliers.

  • Now we need to cut the clamp ring by using the pliers, so close the tool around the ring until the ring is cut.

  • Now take the pliers off and close it. If the tool has a safety piece, attach it to keep the tool closed.

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